The Nutriculture Movement

We are an international grassroots movement to advance our food systems beyond "Organic" to a new and higher standard of quality based on measurable nutrient content.  As farmers, gardeners, consumers, marketers, chefs, nutritionists, processors, and more, we are united by a common concern for human health, community food security and global ecosystem stability.  Our goal is the regeneration of human beings by restoring integrity, energy, flavor, wholeness, health, and authentic, original culture to our food, our food system, and the lands that grow our food.

While this website's nexus is western Washington, this movement is rooted in local and regional groups every part of the United States, with initiatives in Canada and Mexico, and strong activities in South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa.  The care of soil and production of food with complete nutrition is a common concern in all countries and communities.



Three Pillars:
Biocarbon, Minerals & Microbes

Nutriculture soil management is based on these three categories of amendments.  Whereas 20th Century agriculture was based on N-P-K fertilizers, Nutriculture's sustainable soil fertility arises from different understanding and materials.

Two key concepts are "complete" and "balance.

"Complete" means providing -- not one or a few nutrients -- but instead providing all factors required for growth and health.

"Balance" is the insight that each factor must be present in functional relationsips to oher factors.  A key example of this is Carbon/Nitrogen ratio.

Meet Our Nutriculture Team

Nature is complexity packed in simplicity, diversity built on individuality.  Just so, our Nutriculture advocates & activists are assorted backgrounds, skills, perspectives, and purposes.  Together, we're laying a foundation for food quality, farm production & market standards to land us in 21st Century culture, community & consciousness.

Three of our principal visionaries, leaders and teachers are Gary Kline, Mike Maki and David Yarrow.

Bald Eagle Head

Gary Kline

Founder & Elder

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Mike Maki

Farmer Services

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David Yarrow

Outreach & Education

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